Website, Motion Design, Marketing, Catalytic Converter

PMR is a leader in the Catalytic Converter Recycling Industry and offers a wide range of all-inclusive catalytic converter services.




In a niche market of catalytic converter processing, PMR needed to properly reflect their expertise and experience to potential customers. PMR’s old website was a single page with anchors. The web page was not properly indexed and did not reflect the PMR brand and story.


The content needed to be structured in a way which potential customers can quickly understand the tools that PMR offers, and how it is done, we helped guide the client in terms of content structure, in order to keep the information minimal, yet effective.

Extensive work was done on a corporate video, and animations were created throughout the website flow to illustrate the nature of their business and processes. The team is still working with PMR to create a marketing infrastructure that will continually attract potential clients to the website.