Medicom is a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality infection control, patient care and prevention products.

What we did

We created a brand new responsive website for Medicom, incorporating a wishlist, sample request, and resource feature.

Our team of designers and developers found effective ways to import and categorize over 1000 product SKUs.

We also designed and implemented a Learning Management System for their CE Platform, for Medicom University. This website features a platform where professionals can complete online courses and gather credits recognized in the industry.

We integrated SalesForce and Pardot for the client’s lead nurturing, connected to numerous forms and user flows on the website.

The Goals

Our team’s mission was to redo and modernize the website as well as bring a great mobile experience, seeing as their previous website had no mobile version at all. The timelines of this project were critical due to the increase in sales due to COVID-19. We had to get something functional up and running as quickly as possible. We completed this project in just 6 weeks.


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