The Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO) develops partnerships and implements programs that help build and support Ontario’s high performance sport structure, leading to Ontarian athletes succeeding at the national and international level. #BuildingChampions

What we did

We conducted several focus groups with the primary users of the website, in order to get insight into what their pain points were as well as their needs.

Our main focus was user experience and scalability, we designed about sixty different sections to meet all the content needs of the client, as well as a mobile-first side panel menu that could contain any new link the client might add.

We improved the overall experience but primarily that of the athletes and of the Resource Hub which is a key part of the new website.

Our production team took part in the art direction of an on-site photo shoot, which helped CSIO build a comprehensive photo library to use on the website and any other communication material.

The Goals

The goal of the project was to build a tool that could support CSIO in its mission, not limit it. With the ambition to be the reference website for high-performance athletes, sport organizations and coaches across Ontario.


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