The college’s previous website consisted of 3 outdated individual different websites, admin portal systems, and interfaces. Accessibility, content structure and user flow was the focus for this project.

What we did

We redesigned and rebuilt the website from the ground up. Our team organized key focus groups with the different types of users of the website in order to gather their individual feedback and give us the insight needed to take the right structural and design decisions.

After substantial design, development, and content entry tasks, as well as a new accessibility tool integration, the new robust website came together.

The Goals

The college’s biggest challenge was having their students, teacher and affiliates find the right information.

The main goal was to merge 3 different sites into a single user-friendly and self-manageable website. The flow for the administrators was as important as the flow for the end users of the website.

A refreshed, contemporary look was requested while maintaining the established brand of the college.


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