Since 1980, Tilmar has been recognized for offering cost-effective imported tiles catering to both professionals and homeowners.

What we did

Our team created images and videos aimed at enhancing online visibility, promoting the store’s tile collections, and building effective marketing campaigns. With every inspiration “board” we crafted, we weaved a narrative and highlighted the latest trends. We meticulously plan the design of each photo for optimal impact and engagement.

The Goals

Our primary goal with Tilmar is to ignite inspiration and unveil the endless possibilities that their tiles offer to customers, empowering them to vividly envision their spaces and ideas. The client aspires to maintain an approachable yet trendsetting and trustworthy image. With a heavy emphasis on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, our mission is to achieve photographic perfection, creating images that are not only visually striking but also “pinnable” and easily “savable”. In essence, we aim to curate content that not only captivates but also encourages engagement, reflecting the client’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the tile industry.


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