Clinical Trials Quebec (CTQ) has a government mission to provide comprehensive and accessible information about clinical research and facilitate Quebecers’ access to clinical research, with a view to accelerating the development of innovative treatments that benefit everyone.

What we did

We created a brand new web platform focused on content and packed with user-friendly features to inform and educate the public about clinical trials in Quebec.

We developed an array of tools and features to make learning fun and interesting, like interactive infographics and a glossary tooltip that explains complex medical terms throughout the entire website.

We opted for custom illustrations to give the website a unique, colorful and approachable look, balancing the heavier written content.

The goals

Our goal with this project has been to create Quebec’s primary public-facing information hub about clinical research and trials by making it both accessible and trustworthy.

We focused on building a valuable, effective, appealing and user-friendly tool that speaks to everyone directly or indirectly interested in clinical research.


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