A modern women’s affordable clothing brand selling directly to customers,  recognized for the quality of their unique “secret figure” pants.

What we did

We’ve helped Rekucci expand on Amazon, and built an online presence from scratch. Creating an online ecosystem, and a solid Amazon infrastructure to make sure that the Rekucci client was always up to date with the products and new trends.

What was once more of an American base product is becoming international. We build and manage campaigns by geolocation, influenced by weather, trends, etc.

Our main efforts are on consistently increasing the LCV (lifetime client value) for this client as the brand continues to grow.

We also work on the website, mailers and ads. Our marketing efforts touch everything from campaigns to video creation.

The Goals

The main objective was to take a great quality product that women love and build an international online presence around it, brand building and increasing the lifetime client value.


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