B2B: the challenge of a corporate audience

As a business-to-business team, we understand the challenges of the corporate environment. We know that targeting a corporate audience is more than just the sales. It’s about the nurturing process of generating leads and ensuring that your marketing will ramify, creating a broadened network that will eventually translate into numbers. In this case, the process is as essential as the end result.

B2C: translating your investment into numbers

You want to see your marketing investment translate to sales. When it comes to a B2C strategy, the process is a lot more straightforward: the higher the visibility, the clicks or the visits, the higher the potential for sales. We track and analyze the sales and the audience to adapt your marketing, using all the tools and platforms available to ensure the most successful marketing campaign possible.

Copywriting: your voice to the public

Our creative team produces original content in a variety of styles, allowing you to select the perfect copy for your audience. Whether you’re writing for web, print, radio or even television, we’ll make sure that your words are well-chosen and that your message hits home.

Translation: get global

Broaden your audience simply by translating your content. We offer quality translation from French-to-English and English-to-French, but no language is off-limits! Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Urdu… reach a wider audience today. Every translation is thoughtfully written and thoroughly reviewed to ensure accuracy and clarity.