Website, Insurance

The Edge Benefits is the main provider of benefit plans for Canadian self-employed and small business market.




The previous website was complicated to navigate and mainly geared to insurance advisors. Edge Benefits was undergoing a change in how they connect with their market and needed a website that spoke to the end consumer, specifically the small business owners and the self-employed individuals. A mobile-first approach was also very important.


The main challenge with the redesign was to reorganize the content in a way that users would clearly be able to identify themselves and learn more about the different options that suit their needs.

The website needed to feature large amounts of texts and our UI and UX experts spent a great deal of time mapping out each page style for flexibility and eventual growth of the website.

The backend of the website is designed in a way that new flexible blocs of content can be added and each section is fully self-manageable.

“We’ve been getting lots of great feedback from across the company. It’s a huge improvement from our prior site, and people can see that a lot of work went into it. The Design Shopp team did a wonderful job!”