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Mnubo offers an AIoT platform and data transformation services.

New Design

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What motivated a redesign was Mnubo’s need to affirm itself as a strong player in the AIoT Analytics industry. It’s been more than 8 years since Mnubo started building its expertise and growing from a local start-up to a globally known company with clients all over the world. It was essential for the Mnubo brand to gain consistency and impact in order to match this new position.


To approach Mnubo’s customers, we had to understand their different levels of knowledge and advancement in AI and data analysis. We imagined a “Data Journey” system with five levels of users, each with its specifics needs and understanding of the subject. This in-depth analysis of the end-customers enabled us to design a website that resonates with every one of them.

Moving away from the former “startup” look of the website, our top priority was to build a stronger brand presence.