Website, Sports, Education

John Abbott Sports & Recreation offers a wide range of school sports part of the RSEQ league.


The goal of the project was to modernize the Sports & Recreation section of the main John Abbott College website. We wanted a space that was easily accessible and had the most important information available at a glance. This included a roster and schedule for each of their sports teams. This project didn’t have any specific data-driven goals, but rather a creating a fluid rebrand as well as having sections that were more easily manageable. Another goal was to enhance the user experience, making it much easier for users to navigate through the website compared to their existing site.


An important aspect of this mandate was to report the data from RSEQ’s website and to provide a unique website that has all the information that fans and players are looking for. One challenge we faced was that, while the mandate included the integration of the RSEQ API, the client realized that it did not have all the necessary flows they needed. We decided to program this part of the site from scratch for them, in order to be entirely self-manageable and for administrators to easily update the results.

Great product, very self-manageable, and the client was very happy!