Website, Brand Strategy, Renewable Energy

For over 20 years, Evolugen has been developing, building and optimizing hydro and wind projects, bringing renewable energy to local communities across Canada.


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Brookfield Renewable underwent a substantial re-branding and Design Shopp was mandated to take on the redesign of the website. The main goal of the project was to deliver a website that demonstrates Evolugen’s expertise and production capacity. In doing so, we needed to reflect their dedication to sustainability and environmental preservation, as well as their involvement in the Canadian native communities.


We worked closely with their team to understand the goals of the company and the target market. The main challenge was to rethink and reposition the messaging and general direction of the website. Overall, the website required consistency, but also a major reorganization of content and pages.

We brought on our team of designers to engineer a website that could evolve with Evolugen by Brookfield Renewable and scale as the company may need in the future.